The Importance of Signing the Familia Ry Petition - Embracing Multilingualism in Finland

Finland has already a linguistic diversity, with people from various cultural backgrounds calling it home. However, the current system officially restricts individuals from registering only one mother tongue. This limitation prevents the development of comprehensive multilingual services in crucial sectors such as healthcare, social services, and education. It is time to advocate for change and support the Familia Ry petition, which aims to allow the registration of multiple mother tongues. In this blog post, we will explore why signing this petition is vital for promoting equality, inclusivity, and a better understanding of linguistic identities.

Lucia Vuillermin - IWWOF

6/28/20232 min read

The Power of Multilingualism:

Language is more than a means of communication; it shapes our perception of the world and influences cognitive abilities. Research has shown that different languages mould the way we think, including our understanding of space and time. As multilingualism becomes increasingly prevalent, it is crucial to recognize the cognitive benefits and embrace the diversity of languages spoken in Finland.

Improving Multilingual Services:

By enabling the registration of multiple mother tongues, Finland can design more effective and inclusive multilingual services. Healthcare providers, social service agencies, and educational institutions will be better equipped to cater to the needs of a diverse population. This change will ensure that everyone has equal access to essential services, regardless of their linguistic background.

A More Accurate Representation:

Allowing the registration of multiple mother tongues provides a more accurate reflection of the languages used in Finland. It acknowledges the linguistic diversity within families and individuals. This step will promote equality between languages and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the country's linguistic identity.

Personal Experience:

As a mother of three multilingual children, I understand firsthand the limitations of the current system. Choosing one mother tongue for registration does not align with the reality of many families, including those belonging to the International Working Women of Finland (IWWOF). Supporting the Familia Ry petition is an opportunity to advocate for our children's linguistic rights and ensure a more inclusive society for future generations.

Join the Movement:

Signing the Familia Ry petition is a concrete step towards creating positive change. By adding your voice to the collective efforts, we can influence policymakers and raise awareness about the importance of embracing multilingualism in Finland. We can promote equality, diversity, and inclusivity in our society.


Embracing multilingualism is essential for building an inclusive and vibrant society. Allowing the registration of multiple mother tongues will enable the development of better multilingual services, promote equality between languages, and provide a more accurate representation of linguistic identities in Finland. Sign the Familia Ry petition today and be part of shaping a more inclusive future for our country.

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